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Sat 3rd March, 2018

A large scale outdoor multimedia performance about the future of Manchester

Presented By: FutureEverything
Supported By: Arts Council England, CityVerve and Innovate UK

A large scale outdoor multimedia performance about the future of Manchester

The SUPERGESTURES premiere performance took place in March 2018, revealing personal stories recorded by young people across Manchester and collective SUPERGESTURES that embody their relationships to the city. 

Event participants donned a SUPERGESTURES power suit laced with technology – body gesture sensors, vibration, LEDs and audio outputs. They then set off on an hour-long interactive public performance walking around Manchester, immersed in stories about freedom, pride, technology and ownership in the city.

SUPERGESTURES is a participatory art project by Ling Tan, co-created with young people across Manchester. Audio and digital content for the performance was produced by a total of 50 young participants aged 15-30 years old during a series of SUPERGESTURES workshop sessions in January and February 2018.

All the interaction during the performance was recorded and exhibited at Future Sessions in March 2018.

Film by OODA

SUPERGESTURES is an artwork created by Ling Tan. Commissioned by CityVerve in partnership with FutureEverything. Supported by with public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. | |