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Trust in the IoT, Aarhus

Mon 17th June, 2-3:30pm

Join us at IoT Week, Aarhus for a roundtable discussion and participatory session addressing issues around transparency in data systems and the IoT. Presented as part of the Horizon 2020 funded Create IoT programme.

ARoS Sky Room
ARoS Museum, Denmark

The interconnected nature of today’s IoT systems can be challenging to follow even for experts. Complex and obscured data processing methods, combined with commercially sensitive black box hardware can make it problematic to determine where data originates from, how it is processed and who is accountable when things go wrong.

FutureEverything advocates an artist led methodology to reveal, examine and understand these deeper themes within technological innovation. By integrating artistic practice within an innovative development cycle we can encourage critical thinking around the various impacts of new technologies on the everyday human experience.

This participatory roundtable presents an opportunity to engage with expert practitioners from various domains in a wide ranging discussion around transparency issues in the IoT. This kind of cross-discipline approach can lead us to a deeper understanding of complex domain wide issues, and provide a roadmap to feed back learnings into product
and system design. Bridging the gap between human and machine.

Irini Papadimitriou (STARTS Residencies Jury / CD FutureEverthing)
Dimitra Stefanatou (Arthur’s Legal, Create IoT)
Martin Serrano (NUIG, Insight Centre Galway, Activage LSP and Create IoT)
Rosemary Lee (Artist, Trust and Algorithmic media)

Jason Crouch (FutureEverything Research Associate)

Session Structure (90mins):
● Introduction to the session (5min)
● Provocations from the four panelists followed by 5m Q&A (30min)
● Synthesis discussion (45min)
● Wrap up (10min)