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Announcing Innovate Manchester

Innovate Manchester is an ambitious new events programme bringing together business, academia and creative thinkers to collaborate on ideas for a more sustainable future

We’re excited to announce Innovate Manchester – our upcoming collaboration with MIDAS and the Business Growth Hub kicking off this June. In a series of ambitious and participatory workshops taking place over the next few months, we’ll bring together leading thinkers, makers and entrepreneurs to discuss and prototype innovative solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing society and how we do business today.

The events

Innovate Manchester is a series of events responding to emerging global trends and pressing social challenges, ranging from sustainability and industry 4.0 to data ethics and human-centric design. The events will create new collaborations between corporates, SMEs and academia, and nurture new ideas and prototypes towards a more sustainable future for all. The events programme kicks off with a webinar, followed by participatory Innovation Labs focused around different key themes.

Changing the way we produce and consume – Weds 10 June, webinar

The first theme in our series of events focuses on changing the way we produce and consume. Together we’ll explore:

– Sustainability as an Innovation Driver
– Cultural and behavioural change (internally and externally towards consumers, employees and other key-stakeholders)
– Designing Sustainable Products or Services
– Enabling Circular economy (eg.: Zero Waste, Reuse, Refill)
– Digital transformation and new technologies (eg.: manufacturing, advanced materials, augmented/virtual reality)
– Supply chain Innovation
– Business continuity (efficient team work, new business models, value chains, logistics)

Who are the events for?

Innovate Manchester is for any SME, large organisation or social enterprise interested in creating more sustainable futures, and in doing this together. These events are collaborative, participatory and inclusive, so we invite everyone to join us with an open mindset. You’ll need to be willing to share your knowledge and skills, explore new approaches and welcome different perspectives on the complex challenges we face.

What to expect

We have a long history of bringing different sectors together and facilitating the skills, knowledge and experience in the room, to develop creative and collaborative approaches to understand complex issues, and to co-create solutions. Working with multidisciplinary teams using art and design thinking tools can be challenging if you’re new to it, but just as rewarding! Organisations that double down on innovation in times of recession are those who are more resilient in the long term.

Innovate Manchester: Changing the Way We Produce and Consume Webinar

Innovate Manchester is an ambitious events programme enabling collaboration between corporates, SMEs and academia by shaping innovative propositions for key-challenges.

Innovate Manchester and other GC Business Growth Hub projects are part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the GM Business Growth Hub project designed to help ambitious SME businesses achieve growth and increase employment in Greater Manchester. The Hub is also supported by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Greater Manchester local authorities. Innovate Manchester project was initiated in partnership with MIDAS and curated by FutureEverything.