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Community Level Indicators in the Smart City and Internet of Things

In 2016, the CityVerve project set out with one goal to increase meaningful citizen participation in the Smart City and Internet of Things

To help realise this vision, FutureEverything introduced Community Key Performance Indicators (or Community KPIs) as a framework to involve communities and residents in the design process of the Smart City, and to engage them as stakeholders and contributors to define and measure success criteria for the CityVerve project.

This framework is proposed here in this report. This builds on prior work in a citizen sensing project, Making Sense, where Community Level Indicators are co-created by citizens not only to define, track and measure outcomes, but also, to annotate sensor data for extended analysis, particularly relevant for IoT environmental monitoring projects (Woods, Hemment, Bui, 2016).


This publication was written and researched by Drew Hemment (Founder, FutureEverything), Vimla AppadooMel Woods (University of Dundee) and Lily Bui. Published by FutureEverything, this publication supports our work in CityVerve, an InnovateUK funded project.

Publisher: FutureEverything 2017