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Every Thing Every Time heads to Qatar

We're excited to announce Naho Matsuda's data poetry artwork, EVERY THING EVERY TIME, will be part of Qatar British Festival 2019

Bringing a playful dose of digital culture to Qatar’s robust public-art profile, we’re partnering with the British Council to deliver the MENA premiere of Naho Matsuda’s EVERY THING EVERY TIME in Doha.

This public realm artwork and workshop programme will engage Qatar residents, encouraging locals to reflect on data collection, personal privacy and our place in future cities.

In the digital age, data surrounds us, nowhere more so than in our cities. With data playing such an integral part of daily life, what kind of stories can urban data tell about a city, its citizens and its visitors? Would we perceive our surroundings differently if we could experience this data in a different form?

Live from 18 – 28 November 2019 at Katara Cultural Village and Qatar National Library, Naho Matsuda’s EVERY THING EVERY TIME will process data typically captured and published by ‘smart city’ technologies, consumer devices, private business, public institutions, and various media, using this data to create poetry based on our interactions with the urban environment. Through careful curation of data that describes events from the mundane to the marvellous, life in Qatar will be expressed as poetry on a mechanical split-flap display resembling the destination boards once found in railway stations.

Waseem Kotoub, Senior Programme Manager, Culture and Sport Programme, Gulf, explains that, “The commission in Qatar was a perfect fit for this year’s programme, in which we explore the growing role of Public Realm Art in our cities under the theme of people and places. For Qatar, with so many amazing public artworks, sculptural and architectural, we felt it great to bring a digital work in 2019. We believe that this work will create opportunities for young people to learn more about UK contemporary art and create new links between Qatar and the UK.”

Delving into the expanding scope of data collection, Matsuda’s work invites audiences to reflect on our increasingly complex relationship with technology and the unseen processes underpinning the ‘smart city’. Prompting wider discussion on how we perceive data and Smart City technologies.

“Every day, a vast amount of data is generated by us and about us. It is processed by technologies and technologists alike, but who collects and controls this information? How is it captured and stored, and how is it used to shape our future cities? — I’m excited to show my installation in this exciting, new context. I’m looking forward to the new narratives of Doha that Every Thing Every Time will be producing and how these stories will be read and shared by the citizens, visitors and workers of these two cities.”

—Naho Matsuda, Artist

Reading the City

Building upon the themes raised in her public art installation, Naho and Producer FutureEverything will deliver a series of complementary workshops, introducing Qatari creatives to various concepts and methods from poetry and literature specifically linked to data, urban phenomena and Smart City aesthetics. By taking part in these workshops, gaining exposure to varied artistic practice, participants will learn to interpret cities in a different light.

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