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EVERY THING EVERY TIME on tour with Alt Ash

Naho Matsuda’s data poetry sculpture takes to the streets of Ashford

As lockdown begins to lift and we tentatively return the high street as a social space, public art is also reclaiming its place in our towns. And so, we’re very pleased to be able to bring Naho Matsuda’s data poetry sculpture, EVERY THING EVERY TIME back to the streets with Alt Ash.

From tomorrow, Ashford communities will be able to visit Naho’s work outside Ashford Picturehouse on Elwick Road, to experience poetry written in real-time from data sources around the city. The work is being shown as part of AΦE’s Alt Ash – three outdoor digital art installations, exhibited across Ashford town centre between 1-18 April, 2021.

About the work

In the digital age, data surrounds us, nowhere more so than in our cities. Every day, a vast amount of data is gathered about us, then processed by technologies and technologists alike. But who collects and controls this information? And what kind of stories can this data tell about a city, its citizens and its visitors?

EVERY THING EVERY TIME curates and processes data from a variety of urban sources – such as ‘smart city’ technologies, consumer devices, private and public institutions. The work then uses this data to generate live poetry, broadcast on a large, mechanical split-flap display, resembling the destination boards once found in railway stations.

By transmuting data into playful poetic forms, the work tells new stories about our interactions with our urban environments, and invites passersby to stop and reflect on the role of data in our lives, privacy, technology and our place in future cities.

Exhibition info

Date: 8-18 April

Location: Ashford Picturehouse entrance, Elwick Road

About the artist

Naho Matsuda is a German-Japanese artist based in London. Her work brings together the ordinary and the absurd to explore notions of labour, internet culture, emerging technology and the commons. Her work includes; print, publications, writing, installation and performance. Naho holds a post as a research assistant in the Interaction Research Studio at Goldsmiths University. Her work has been presented at renowned festivals and venues including SXSW (USA), Qatar British Festival (Qatar), FACT Liverpool, Nesta Creative Economy, CityVerve Marketplace in Manchester, YCC Yokohama (Japan).

Artist: Naho Matsuda

Developer: Dan Hett

Fabrication: RASKL

Split-flap software: Paul Angus

Produced by FutureEverything