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Our highlights from the first ever York Mediale…

If you happened to be in York in early October, you might have caught the inaugural York Mediale, a new international media art festival which brings world premiere commissions from leading and emerging artists to the city.

We visited the festival during our October FAULT LINES residency, and thought we’d share a few of our highlights…

In York Art Gallery’s Strata – Rock – Dust – Stars exhibition, a group of artists including Isaac Julien, Semiconductor, Agnes Meyers Brandis, Liz Orton (to name only a few) immersed visitors in a journey through Earth’s layers, post-mining and oil-drilling scarred landscapes, glacial caves and volcanic underworlds, through to the formation of stars and a reflection of the universe.

Meanwhile, in Loop.pH’s immersive Pollinarium we followed a pollinator bee, experiencing the natural world through the bee’s eyes and ears in this unique installation.

If you happened to be in York during the Mediale and walked past Kings Square, you wouldn’t had missed Token Homes, a beautiful 3D printed sculpture of 400 miniature homes by Matthew Plummer Fernandez. The sculpture, created from social housing data from local surveys, invited people to buy shares of the miniature homes, a comment on the increasing housing crisis.

On our last day, we joined some of the very timely and urgent conversations at the Stories of Solitude: Performance, Technology & Digital Overload symposium. The day was packed with talks, provocations and questions about the state of human contact, communities and relationships in a world populated by networked objects, and about the role of art in exploring ethics, opening up critical discussions and creating new spaces of interaction.

And, the good news is, the York Mediale team have announced they will be back in 2020. See you there?