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FutureEverything Manual

The FutureEverything Manual overviews the year round digital innovation labs we run to engage a worldwide community

Author: Drew Hemment

(This article was originally published in 2011)

FutureEverything runs year round digital innovation labs, engaging a worldwide community in generating social connectivity and practical solutions to innovation problems. The FutureEverything Manual overviews both past and present innovation labs. This includes: Data Arts (2009- ongoing), Open Data Cities (2009- ongoing), Globally Connected (2009- 2010), Urban Interface- Smart Cities (2009- 2010), Environment 2.0 (2006- 2009), Social Technologies (2006- 2008), Mobile Connections (2003- 2006).

The publication also introduces the Data Dimension – an exploration of the ways in which artists and designers experiment with the infinite dimension of data that pervades our everyday. This includes a collection of essays from leading thinkers on a range of related subjects including: complexity, networks, visualisation and the impacts on media art practice.

Editor: Drew Hemment

Publisher: FutureEverything, 2011

About FutureEverything Publications

Each year FutureEverything proposes, develops and responds to particular themes. These themes are provocations, designed to open up a space for debate and practice, made tangible through art and design projects. FutureEverything Publications seek to contribute to an international dialogue around these themes.

Hemment, D. eds (2011) The FutureEverything Manual. FutureEverything: Manchester, UK.

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