We are delighted to announce a week long festival of digital culture in Singapore, building on our expanding international portfolio.

FutureEverything Singapore will form a landmark part of SG50 – the year long celebrations that mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Singapore. It is a partnership between FutureEverything and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), and represents the first time Singapore’s government has used a cultural event to communicate issues around technology.

FutureEverything Singapore features a conference, innovation lab and city-wide art and design installations. More than 30,000 Singaporeans, UK and international artists, tourists and international thought-leaders are expected to congregate for the festival.

The programme takes its starting point in Singapore’s ambition to create a ‘Smart Nation’. The festival will stretch the imagination on how a near future Smart Nation will be shaped by emerging technologies in all aspects of people’s lives, from business and governance to art and science. Throughout the festival, we’ll be asking: where are artists, designers, futurists and civic innovators playing with the technology that is weaving itself into the fabric of cities, economies and infrastructure? What can citizens expect from a Smart Nation, and where are the developing spaces to explore this in civic innovation, maker spaces, business and education?

View the programme here.

Drew Hemment, Founder and CEO at FutureEverything says,

“FutureEverything is all about bringing people together to discover, share and experience new ideas about the future, and providing the tools and frameworks needed to allow experimentation and creativity to happen. Singapore is a city of the future and so an ideal home for the FutureEverything festival. Our ambition is to open the debate around the future and emerging technology to more voices with art and innovation centre stage. As we celebrate our own landmark 20th year, we’re thrilled to be part of the celebrations for Singapore’s 50th anniversary.”

Steve Leonard, Executive Deputy Chairman of IDA says,

“Singapore is embarking on an exciting journey towards becoming a Smart Nation. This means ensuring we have the right infrastructure, policies, ecosystem and capabilities to realise the vision laid out by the Prime Minister. We are encouraging a culture of experimentation and prototyping, and we are working together with citizens of all ages and companies of all sizes to create solutions to big future challenges. FutureEverything Singapore seeks to allow communities to experience tech through play, sparking conversations about the role of tech in their lives.”