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Hear the soil speak

On Wednesday 5 December – World Soil Day – visit to hear and see the soil speak!

In By the Code of Soil – a new artwork developed as part of the GROW Observatory – FAULT LINES artist Kasia Molga and sound artist Scanner are connecting the soil with the sky to bring a unique digital artwork direct to your desktop.

“In times of uncertainties and transitions we need to pay attention to that which is invisible, possibly more than to what is in front of us. This invisible, working quietly in the background, often has much more significance to what is happening and how it will impact the world as we know it in the near future.”
— Kasia Molga, Artist

Will you help us build the network?

By the Code of Soil invites you to join the online network on World Soil Day – Weds 5 December.

When the download counter hits 1,000, the artwork will suddenly emerge across the network, appearing on everyone’s computers at the same time to create an exciting, shared sense of occasion.

After the landmark launch, By the Code of Soil will appear in different forms on your screen, connecting you with invisible networks above and below.

“In my work, I’m drawn towards projects that focus on animating and bringing to life many of the invisible aspects of our world. An understanding of soil is crucial to our survival yet remains frequently forgotten. Through our work I hope that it illuminates, educates and celebrates the very ground beneath our feet.”
— Scanner, Sound Artist

By the Code of Soil runs until October 2019, when the GROW Observatory project draws to a close. The work is developed as a part of the GROW Observatory Horizon 2020 project, and produced by FutureEverything, where Kasia is currently part of our FAULT LINES programme.

“GROW Observatory has been an incredible journey, bringing together growers, designers, scientists and technologists. We wanted to work with Kasia and Robin to add a new dimension to the project. Art can change the way we see the world, and help bring curiosity and imagination to a project like GROW. By adding an imaginative dimension to the project, artistic engagement can enable people to experience the GROW project or data in a novel way, and generate increased literacy in the GROW data and science. We hope this can inspire new discoveries in GROW.”

— Dr Drew Hemment – Project Lead, GROW Observatory