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Introducing our new programme, Future Focus

An online programme bringing people together to share ideas, connect and collectively imagine better, more considerate futures

At FutureEverything we believe that art can have a transformative role, creating powerful ways for people to engage with contemporary issues and challenges. It can also enable us to create spaces to learn from each other, discuss, participate, and think differently. At difficult times like this, we need critical conversations, public engagement and diverse voices more than ever.

Responding to the current crisis, but also considering ongoing critical issues we have been facing for a long time now – from growing wealth inequalities and injustice, environmental concerns, precarious living and working conditions for many – we decided to launch a new programme, Future Focus, while committing to continuing to bring people together to debate, exchange, connect and collectively imagine better and more considerate futures.

An online space, Future Focus will create a space to interrogate and explore networked worlds, from physical to virtual – in the present, future and past – and evaluate our place, identity and experience within these worlds. From shifting spaces of production, networked artistic practices, but also co-working and collaboration, Future Focus will also enable us to continue and connect with all of you in much needed critical conversations, reflection and creative exchange, but also in cross-sector discussion, networking and hopefully also future collaboration.

Including panels, performative talks and workshops to roundtable conversations, industry meetings, mentoring and artists’ advice, Future Focus will develop around curated themes and flexible, experimental formats. We can’t make this happen without our creative community, so we are inviting our collaborators, colleagues, friends, audiences and anyone else to join us, connect, and work together.

By The Code of Soil, Kasia Molga, Scanner and GROW Observatory

While we strive to keep our events free to attend and open to all, we also need to find ways to cover costs, and of course pay for people’s time, knowledge and resources. As with the majority of arts organisations across the UK and internationally, we have also been facing difficulties with activities postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19. As a non-profit organisation with little government funding, the impact of this is quite big.

Our aim is to keep our activities, including the live Future Focus events, free and share recorded sessions online with as many people as possible, but if you would like to support our team, artists and contributors with a Future Focus donation, no matter the amount, your gift will make a great difference! You will have an opportunity to make an optional donation if you want, through the Eventbrite event registration process in upcoming sessions listed below.

Future Focus Sessions

If you are interested to discuss future collaborations related to this programme, please contact us at info (at) futureeverything (dot) org