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Leeds International Festival Announces Naho Matsuda’s Every Thing Every Time

After returning from Qatar in December 2019, Naho Matsuda's data poetry artwork, EVERY THING EVERY TIME will appear at Leeds International Festival 2020 from 30 April to 9 May.

Data surrounds us, especially in cities. What stories can it tell? Processing data captured and published by Smart City technologies, this work curates data from citywide events – whether mundane or marvellous – and turns it into poetry, broadcast real-time on a large display.

Harnessing public art to explore the ‘Smart City’, EVERY THING EVERY TIME broadcasts poetry on a large, mechanical display, urging deeper reflection on the role of data in our lives.

Produced by FutureEverything for Leeds International Festival 2020, Matsuda’s EVERY THING EVERY TIME will process data typically captured and published by smart city technologies, consumer devices, private and public institutions, and various media, and use this data to create instant poetry based on our interactions with the urban environment.

Through careful curation of the data that describes citywide events, from the mundane to the marvellous, life in Leeds will be expressed as poetry – written in real-time, and revealed on a split-flap display.

I’m very excited to discover Leeds through my installation EVERY THING EVERY TIME and to be part of LIF 2020. My work aims to capture the background data of a city, transforming the functional into the poetic. Locating the project in Leeds, a city with an exciting and engaged critical tech community, will hopefully present the creative soul of the city, exposing the extraordinary in the everyday.

—Naho Matsuda, Artist

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