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Matthew Rosier creates 108 Steps

Later this month, FAULT LINES Artist Matthew Rosier will bring Macclesfield’s historic 108 Steps to life with a playful, projection-mapped installation

Commissioned by SHIFT, Cheshire East Council with support from Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival and Arts Council England, Matthew Rosier’s 108 Steps will be on display on the evenings of 26, 27 and 28 October.

The 108 Steps, a winding stairway between the Macclesfield station and the town centre, are a beloved local landmark for Maxonians. Earlier this year, FAULT LINES artist Matthew Rosier visited Macclesfield to capture the daily life of these iconic steps on film. The footage he captured — local runners, commuters, dog walkers and everyone in between — has been composed into a loop of memories, which will be projected onto the face of the steps (and the people using them). The work creates interplay between past and present, bringing to life the Steps’ historic connection to people and place.

Visitors to Macclesfield can catch the installation at the following times, and it is best viewed from the bottom of the steps:

Friday 26 October
Saturday 27 October
6pm – 11pm

Sunday 28 October
4.30 – 9pm