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Our anti-discrimination agenda

Creating a better future

As the world begins to spin again post Covid-19 and we find our way into a new way of working, we are asking ourselves what kind of organisation we want to be today. After all that we as a society have been through in the last couple of years what values do we wish to uphold, as people and as an arts organisation?

It is our Vision to spearhead positive societal change through the work that we produce and the connections that we create with artists, partners and communities. In order to enact positive societal change, change must also come from within.

Reflecting on Black Lives Matter, Me Too and the recent challenges faced by the trans/non binary community from our government and society, we have created an Anti-discrimination Agenda as part of our continued self-evaluation to improve our structure and output as an arts organisation. This document runs in conjunction with our company policies and will evolve as we, and society, develops further from now. It differs in that it holds a series of statements of intent that we will undertake as a company to create a measurable response to being better allies and people.

It is clear that just making the decision to not discriminate does not automatically make us active allies. The agenda lists the ways we wish to address this; if you have thoughts on this and suggestions of how we can do better, please get in touch with FutureEverything Producer and say hello.