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Michelle Collier

Michelle is one of our Creative Associates, working with the team to develop and deliver our artistic work and creative engagement. On any given day you might find Michelle designing workshops, crafting digital experiences or making creative content… and everything in between!

Michelle joined the team with over a decade’s experience working in the creative and digital sectors as a writer, maker and multidisciplinary creative. She spent many years in hands-on production making films, animations, interactive digital experiences and editorial content. Just before joining FutureEverything, Michelle was a Senior Writer working with the BBC’s UX&D team on everything from scriptwriting to service design; Edinburgh Festivals to the BBC’s first ever Augmented Reality app

At FutureEverything, Michelle is especially interested in researching and exploring new modes of storytelling, from AI authorship to interactive fiction and games design. Not to mention participatory, immersive experiences that bring people together to experience meaningful stories in new and exciting ways.

Outside of FutureEverything, Michelle is a practising artist, working to combine her skills in creative writing, traditional printmaking and digital storytelling. She also works as a freelance writer, has delivered multiple workshops in digital storytelling, won storytelling hacks, and was recently accepted onto a development programme for writers working in narrative design. Her work has been exhibited at HOME, Design Manchester, Underwire and London Short Film Festival, amongst others.

@mickeypip on Twitter & Instagram

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