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BeFantastic Within: AI and performing arts fellowship

The BeFantastic Within Fellowship has begun! BeFantastic Within is an online programme as part of FutureFantastic, fostering international collaborations, exploring AI technologies and creating provocative performance pieces amplified with creative AI. Selected participants have the chance to be awarded funding to develop and present the piece to an audience at FutureFantastic, an AI-Art festival in Bengaluru (India) in March 2023.

The BeFantastic Within Fellowship enables artistic development, creative exchange and collaboration between emerging and established visual and performing artists from around the world, focussing on ideas around interconnectedness, climate emergency and the role of art and digital innovation. It seeks to push the boundaries of these new formats of work by bringing together the practitioners at the forefront of this innovation in India and the UK.

After receiving many outstanding applications for the BeFantastic Within programme we’re now able to reveal our 25 amazing Fellows…

BeFantastic Within Fellows 2022

Digital Dialogs

Are you curious about the role of the artist in the digital age? Throughout the course of the programme we’ll be sharing online Dialog sessions with Fellowship mentors and creative practitioners from around the globe.

Dialog #1 ‘Creating Techart: AI & Performance’

Media artist Jake Elwes, award winning choreographer Madhu Nataraj, and CyberRäube co-founder Björn Lengers come together in a creative exchange exploring how performance, art and technology can work together.

Dialog #2 ‘TechArt + Climate’

We spoke with Swiss video artist, curator and art theorist Ursula Biemann. Acknowledging the need to understand the distant implications of immediate actions within the climate narrative, we screened three of her video essays as part of an ongoing series of “Climate Conversations” intended to expand our understanding of the ongoing Climate Emergency.

What is FutureFantastic?

FutureFantastic is a festival conceptualized by Jaaga’s BeFantastic (India), in association with FutureEverything. It hopes to communicate the urgency of the climate emergency by leveraging the novelty and, therefore, the public fascination of artwork that is created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence. It is the outcome of a series of international fellowships fostering creative exchange and collaboration between emerging and seasoned artists and technologists from around the world, each focusing on the thematic focus of climate action, through different forms of artistic practice like interactive installations and performances. In its curation, it hopes to further the discourse around climate consciousness while simultaneously informing its audiences of the possibilities augmented and artificial intelligences have to offer. FutureFantastic will also feature artists and collectives whose practices have been pushing the boundaries of TechArt in recent years. Complementing the exhibition of such artworks, would be various kinds of programmes including dialog sessions and workshops with experts in the domain, that might holistically communicate different aspects of the climate emergency to diverse audiences while proliferating a certain degree of technological literacy.

Other related news

The FutureFantastic festival and its programming is supported by the British Council.