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[Digital] Transmissions II

[Digital] Transmissions is an annual artistic development programme, currently in its second phase, for emerging Jordanian artists to learn from established digital art professionals from Jordan and the UK, collaborate, exchange knowledge with peers, experiment, and create new work in digital media.

The programme offers participating artists opportunities to learn digital skills through in-person and online workshops, to connect with key players in the technology industry as well as arts and culture professionals in Jordan and the UK, and to showcase learnings and work developed during the programme at public events and an exhibition at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The programme culminates with a study mobility grant that enables participants to travel to the UK for a week of learning and networking encounters with artists, art professionals and institutions, with the chance to forge future collaborative projects and links.

This year’s edition, [Digital] Transmissions II, takes place between December 2023 to June 2024 using a residency format within (JARS) JORDAN ART RESIDENCY & STUDIOS PROGRAM run by FACTORY Platform / The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. For [Digital] Transmissions II, we are exploring AI and Art entanglements, creative exchange and critical ideas responding to how cultural, socio-political and environmental landscapes are being shaped by AI technologies and conversations.

What questions does the employment of AI tools pose on the future of artistic production, skills and knowledge production, and creative industries? What are the opportunities and/or challenges? Does AI Art enable different ways of participation or audience engagement and, if yes, how? We will be exploring these questions in the context of Southwest Asia, North Africa, Global South and colonial, post-colonial perspectives.

A group of 12 Jordanian artists were selected via an open call.

Selected Artists

Akka Hamdan

Multidisciplinary artist and designer interested in the intersection of culture and technology, to create cohesive artworks that combine different visual and kinetic art mediums.

Akka Hamdan - [Digital] Transmissions Artist

Ali Al Omari

Sound artist who formulates a method of self expression through sound and words.

Ali Al-Omari - [Digital] Transmissions artist 2024

Anas AbuNahleh

Multi-disciplinary performer and choreographer drawing links between dance, design, and science.

Anas Nahleh - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Daniah Basil

A spatial designer and researcher who uses game design, film and animation to explore themes of spatial justice related to immigration, climate politics, and land management.

Dania Basil - [Digital] Transmission Artist 2024

Laila Hajbi

Performance and visual artist focusing on combining drawing with movement. Her current work is inspired by her journal and personal writings.

Laila Hajbi - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Mayar Kabajah

Visual artist and multimedia designer exploring socially prohibited themes by combining various media and techniques.

Mayar Kabajah - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Mohammad Qattan

Multi-disciplinary artist focusing on visual and performing arts.

Mohammad Qattan - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Mustafa Shalabi

An innovative dancer challenging gender norms, delving into intimacy, vulnerability, and raw emotions while redefining self-expression.

Mustafa Shalabi - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Nairuz Ajlouni

Multidisciplinary performance and theatre artist, and musician examining sociocultural and philanthropic concepts to create audio sensory experiences.

Nairuz Ajlouni = [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Ra'ed Khader

Keyboardist and producer whose sound emerges from seamlessly blending Oriental and African influences into his predominantly jazz and funk playing style.

Ra_ed Khader - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Tamara Ahmad

Visual artist and multimedia designer whose work explores themes of visual archiving, feminism, and social issues through a bold experimental, and surrealist style.

Tamara Ahmad - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Yafa Darweesh

Interdisciplinary maker exploring unconventional perspectives in architecture, art, and technology to create innovative solutions.

Uafa Darweesh - [Digital] Transmissions Artist 2024

Programme Mentors

Alexander Whitley

Founder and artistic director of Alexander Whitley Dance Company making digital, VR & AR experiences and technologically-innovative stage productions.

David McFarlane

Musician, digital artist and creative technologist interested in innovative and inclusive ways to create music, using new ideas and new technology.

Hashem Joucka

A mixed-media artist and multidisciplinary designer working in the intersection of science, art and technology.

Nye Thompson

An artist and software designer known for her experimental software architectures exploring network-embedded power dynamics and machinic visions of the world.

[Digital] Transmissions: RECLAIMING THE FUTURE

‘RECLAIMING THE FUTURE’ was a unique public showcase and exhibition that concluded the [Digital] Transmissions artistic development programme for emerging Jordanian artists. Taking place at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in June 2024, the gallery space was brought to life with vibrant artworks created by the programmes resident artists and mentors. 

Over three days the event played host to a selection of guest speakers, dance displays, music performances, and networking sessions with key players from the tech, and art and cultural scene. It featured hands-on workshops and talks by Laila Hajbi, Metafour Artist Collective and Nye Thompson, where the attendees had the chance to dive deeper into the world of art and technology.

The [Digital] Transmissions II programme has been commissioned by the British Council in Jordan and co-developed with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in collaboration with MetaFour art collective.

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