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PROTO [Mentoring]

A new person-centred mentoring programme supporting artists looking to develop new skills and bring digital art to their practice

What is PROTO?

Starting February 2023, PROTO [Mentoring] is the first strand of our FutureEverything produced artist skill building programme. Designed to support artists based in the UK wanting to bring digital art into their practice by creating a network to develop career pathways and skills in art and technology, the programme aims to remove barriers to digital art through a series of facilitated 1-2-1 mentoring sessions led by our FutureEverything team of experts.

These initial 1-2-1 sessions will provide our mentors with key insights and learnings which will help them to understand more about needs of UK artists and enable them to build further bespoke activities designed to meet those specific needs. As the PROTO programme develops we hope to be able to arrange network meetups, commissions and exhibition opportunities, hands on tech tabs and advisory sessions, PROTO will nurture the next generation of digital artistic talent.

What to expect from the PROTO [Mentoring] sessions?

FutureEverything will open its doors to make all of its skills and vocabularies accessible to the arts sector. 

Between now and Summer 2023, artists will have an opportunity to register for a limited number of weekly 1 hour meetings. Each session will be guided by our FutureEverything mentors and will take place online every Wednesday over a 3 week period. These 1-2-1 sessions will allow artists to work through a task, cover a range of topics and/or develop skills in a particular area. 

When registering for PROTO [Mentoring] each artist must bring with them a challenge they are facing and together we will help navigate and overcome that challenge. 

Attendees will be offered:

  • Advice on all aspects of running a micro business in the arts
    • Fundraising
    • Marketing
    • Network development
    • Producing
    • Presenting ideas
  • Advice on routes to securing partners for projects
  • Advice on routes to finding hosting venues for their work
  • Advice on setting a trajectory for work and goals
  • Advice on balancing work with balancing health and domestic life
  • And much more

The 3 Session Plan

#1 Identify the challenge and skill assessment
#2 Receive advice from our expert mentors and create a plan for development
#3 Begin implementing the plan

Who are the sessions for?

PROTO [Mentoring] is a free person centred artist development programme that cultivates artists and creatives in visual art, who use or want to incorporate digital into their art practice. 

The sessions are accessible to artists at varying stages in their career, whether they’re a ‘mid career’ artists who may have hit a bump in the road or an ‘emerging’ artists looking for advice on where to begin. For now, PROTO [Mentoring] is only available to artists within in the UK (particularly those based in the North).

The PROTO [Mentoring] sessions promote a friendly and inclusive space, offering support and guidance. Everything spoken about during the sessions will be confidential. 

How to book a session

In order to book on to the PROTO programme a questionnaire must first be completed in order to assess how we can best assist and support with the challenge presented. The questionnaire and booking form can be located HERE and will take roughly ten minutes to complete. Once the form has been submitted to our team then we will be in touch by email and attendees will be able to select their session slots.

The sessions are currently delivered online via Microsoft Teams. Please make sure to indicate any further access requirements when you complete the questionnaire.

After each session you will have the opportunity to send your PROTO mentor an email with any questions about the session, but please note that due to staff capacity we are only able to respond to one of your emails per week, so make sure you ask the right questions.

If we have limited capacity then applicants will be informed and added to a waiting list.

If you have any queries relating to PROTO then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via the form above.