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Second Sight

Second Sight

An exciting online arts space from Barnaby Festival in partnership with artists in Macclesfield and FutureEverything.

Second Sight is a virtual gallery experience curated to bring together and showcase the work of Macclesfield’s artistic community.

Initiated as a response to the 2020 pandemic crisis and the need for Barnaby Festival to continue to create opportunities for artists to share work, stay connected with audiences, but also open up space for the creative community to reflect on the impact of the pandemic and challenging times, Second Sight explores how we can all benefit from changing perspectives.

The virtual space launched with a series of three exhibitions starting with Seeing Differently, which explores how humanity can benefit from different ways of seeing and thinking and how creative visions can help enable this. The exhibition features work from painter Sue Asbury and writer Nick Asbury; filmmaker Charles Eades; ceramicist Rachel Ho and visual artists Sabine Kussmaul and Mike Thorpe. Seeing Better and Seeing Further are the next exhibitions to follow the theme after Seeing Differently.

Abi Gilmore, co-chair of Barnaby Festival

“There is a really healthy arts scene in Macclesfield and ordinarily there would be opportunities for artists to exhibit and for visitors to see their work in person. Now people can visit from all over the world and enjoy the artwork that has been created here in Macclesfield.”


Alongside the curated programme of exhibitions, visitors can explore the rich art scene in Macclesfield through a series of galleries that showcase new work, artists’ profiles as well as a peek in artists’ studios and sharing of creative processes. From painting, sculpture, poetry, ceramics and light installations to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, film and photography, Second Sight creates a great opportunity to discover the exciting artistic community in Macclesfield.  

The artists included here were invited to share their profiles on Second Sight after responding to Barnaby Festival’s Open Call for its visual arts trail.

An additional two sections, Looking Forwards and Looking Backwards, create space to explore work by emerging artists presenting new content, and space to reflect on projects commissioned in Macclesfield and for Barnaby Festival responding to place, heritage, history and the community.

At FutureEverything, we are thrilled to have been involved with this exciting initiative working closely with Barnaby Festival, twentysevenb studios and artists involved, and Cotton Creative to co-curate and co-design this project. And we are looking forward to what comes next on Second Sight!

Created in response to the Covid 19 pandemic Second Sight is a virtual gallery experience curated to present a programme of visual arts showcasing the work of the creative communities in Macclesfield.

Produced in partnership with Macclesfield Barnaby Festivaltwentysevenb Studio and FutureEverything.

Supported by Arts Council England, Macclesfield Town Council, Cheshire East Council, The Granada Foundation and janhill.

Designed and built by Cotton Creative.

Our gallery features artwork by Rachel Ho, Lucy Carter and Matthew Rosier.