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this place [of mine] Grimsby

A digital arts project showcasing the Grimsby Town Centre of the future, shown through the artistic lens of Grimsby Institute design students

this place [of mine]: Grimsby launches with a new virtual online gallery experience showcasing the Grimsby Town Centre of the future through the artistic lens of Grimsby Institute design students.

Created in partnership with FutureEverything, Culture House and Grimsby Institute, this place [of mine]: Grimsby first took form as a six-week workshop programme with local Game Design students. Led by artist and technologist enorê, each workshop was designed to kick start conversations about local heritage, Grimsby’s place in the world, and aimed to give students agency to become the architects of their own future places. Using digital art as a language to communicate their ideas for town centre enhancements they  produced original and thought provoking artworks that reflect their hopes, desires and vision for the future of their hometown high street.

Workshop Mentors & Creative Collaborators

This place [of mine]: Grimsby is an inspiring new online gallery experience co-designed by the Grimsby Institute students and Manchester-based digital designers Studio Treble, taking visitors on a virtual journey through the Grimsby high street of tomorrow. 

Ryan and Caleb are two of the Game Design students at Grimsby Institute. Their vision for the future of Grimsby prioritises upcycling what already exists in the town and improving the ecosystem. 

Ryan and Caleb say: “Renovate or rebrand all the abandoned stores… fund the shops that are still running so that more of them will not have to shut down.. certain areas of Victoria Street are a bit dry and dead so maybe spice it up with some of trees and plants to add some life to the area… entice people to come as it is a bit cleaner and more visually appealing… throwing in trees or other forms of plant-life would improve the atmosphere and help the general area in terms of ecosystem providing cleaner air to the centre of Grimsby.”

this place [of mine]: Grimsby is the second edition of our this place [of mine] programme: the first being created by FutureEverything and commissioned by GMCA in 2020, in the midst of the first lockdown, for young people across Greater Manchester to come together to imagine the future of our high streets through digital art, culture and creativity.

this place [of mine] is a digital design model that can be used as an alternative consultation methodology to identify what future generations want in their towns and cities? FutureEverything has an ambition to extend the reach of this place [of mine] locally and nationally to connect placemaking strategies with the communities they are designed to serve. 

Whether you are a local authority, placemaking agency, or arts organisation planning to consult with young people towards town planning and regeneration, this place [of mine] is a unique, innovative model that can break down the barriers of engagement in a creative and inclusive way. If you are curious, we want to hear from you! 

Together we can speculate, collaborate and create a collective future vision for this place [of mine].

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This place [of mine] Grimsby forms part of Edition 2 of the Our Future Starts Here programme produced by The Culture House – which explores important issues of our time with a bold programme of innovative cultural events to inspire, educate and surprise.

Our Future Starts Here has been commissioned as part of the Grimsby Creates programme that is funded as part of The Cultural Development Fund by Arts Council England. It is produced by The Culture House in collaboration with local and national partners, including Without Walls, Hemingway Design and FutureEverything.