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Profile: Dr David Jackson

Researcher in narrative and AI, School of Digital Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University
Profile photograph of Dr David Jackson

Dr David Jackson is a researcher exploring relationships between artificial intelligence, narrative media and bias in the new School of Digital Arts (SODA) at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a founding member of AMP research unit, a cross-disciplinary team of media and machine learning specialists, which works with marginalised audiences to reflect their perspectives and create tools to combat AI bias. His current projects include Unhealthy Bias, a funded project which examines raced and gendered influences on online behaviour to inform better machine learning (ML) approaches to detecting bias in online public health videos. He is also working on a transmedia project which reflects on the history of acoustic surveillance in the age of always-on mobile and home listening agents such as Siri and Alexa with Dr Toby Heys, Head of Research at SODA and members of Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab.