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Profile: Dr. Richard Ramchurn

Filmmaker and researcher

Dr Richard Ramchurn is a filmmaker and researcher whose work explores reactive narratives; he creates stories that can sense and adapt to the viewers’ physiological and emotional state. His film work explores race and technology abuses in the Anthropocene. Ramchurn has been creating films and experiences using Brain Computer Interface technology since 2013. #Scanners, a successfully kick-started project became an interactive narrative film called The Disadvantages of Time Travel (2014) that viewers controlled via brain data and blinking. This was further explored as a PhD multi award winning research project at the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab working with world class researchers in the field of Human Computer Interaction. His most recent brain-controlled film, The MOMENT (2018) has been touring internationally, and online since 2018 and covered by international media. His next film Before We Disappear is currently in production.