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Profile: Maya Chowdhry

Multidisciplinary live art and installation artist
Maya Chowdhry

Maya Chowdhry is a multidisciplinary artist working with live art and installation; utilising interactive audio and sensory input to invite audiences to respond to, and create their own journey, through her climate justice artworks. 

She was Ignite artist-in-residence with scholar Effie Papargyropoulou, Leeds University 2020, extending her commission – What’s Eating Reality – an immersive live art dining experience exploring food justice, which was commissioned and presented at Lancaster Arts, 2018. Soil Voicemails, commissioned for the ‘Crossed Lines ’project 2020 in collaboration with the Science Museum, explores trans-species calling: insects leaving ‘voicemail ’messages in the soil for other insects; humans creating computer-generated whistles to telephone dolphins; and the parallel of telephone-tapping to eavesdropping by túngara frogs.

She was artist-in-residence for Critical Poetics: Care Of… at Nottingham Trent University, with a particular focus on Inter-species Care, 2021.

Her most recent work, Galvanising Change, a live art piece examining climate anxiety was presented at Hulme Community Garden Centre, 2021, created as part of Net//work Residency with The British Council and Digital Art Studio, Belfast. She has continued development on this project though an #OpenLight knowledge exchange commission with scholar Erinma Ochu, Associate Professor in Immersive Media, The University of West England.

Recently launched is Walk with Us, a site-specific walking app exploring climate change, coastal erosion and resilience, co-created for The National Oceanography Centre.

She is currently working on You Sound Thirsty, a sonic commingling created in a time of planetary limits, for presentation at Emergency Live Art Festival, Contact Theatre, October 2022.

In 2022 she was part of SUSTAIN Artist Digital Exchange Programme, a project initiated by Castlefield Gallery (UK) and the Aarhus Centre for Visual Art (DK) aimed at facilitating explorations on how artistic practice can contribute to a low carbon culture and a low carbon future.