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Profile: Peter J. Evans

Peter J. Evans is an artist with a pluralistic practice investigating the patterns and stories that weave through everything
Artist Peter J Evans, photo by Kuba Ryniewicz

Describing himself as a ‘specialist in non-specialism’, Evans is a multi-skilled artist, working with whatever medium best fits the idea—be that drawing, sound, mechanics, video, performance, writing, and more. Moving between different artistic mediums, his work is interested in the nature and ideas of finite truth in an infinitely changeable universe; an attempt to make sense of the ungraspable realities we live within.

Exhibiting internationally, in both gallery exhibitions and festival contexts, he is represented by Workplace Gallery and currently part of our Fault Lines programme.


Twitter: @evanspeterj

Instagram: @studiopeterjevans

Artwork: From here to there and all the spaces in between (2015), Image credit: Wig Worland

Headshot image credit: Kuba Ryniewicz