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Profile: William Drew

Artist William Drew
William Drew is a writer focusing particularly on interactive forms. Recent work includes Threads, commissioned by Global Goals Centre, and The First Time as Tragedy, developed while Associate Writer with HighTide.  As a Coney Associate, writing and game design credits include: Three Futures (and a fortune) (Futurefest), Green Gold Conspiracy (Chester Zoo), Your Connection is Not Private (Free Word Centre) and Adventure 1.  With Fire Hazard, he was the writer on The Circle and Jekyll/Hyde. As a dramaturg, he’s recently worked with: Mammalian Diving Reflex on The Lockdown Resolution (In Between Time, Bristol) and The Last Minutes Before Mars (Schauspielhaus Bochum); Caroline Horton and Alex Swift on All of Me: The Twine, which was shortlisted for the if: book New Media Writing Prize 2021; and collectifandthen… on The Machine (Barbican Pit), winner of the 2016 Oxford Samuel Beckett Award.  At the moment, he is developing two mobile games with Spyscape NYC.