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Our sustainability agenda

What is the sustainability agenda? The sustainability agenda begins with making a commitment to incorporating social, environmental, economic and ethical factors into FutureEverything’s strategic decision-making.

It extends to evaluating how these factors affect the business — including all of its stakeholders — and what risks and opportunities these factors present. Finally, the sustainability agenda asks our artists and partners to adopt measures to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities.


This list is a rolling document and room will be made to develop areas we have not yet identified:

  • Actively consult with GMAST on sustainability issues. ( GMAST aims to reduce the environmental impact of the cultural and creative community in Greater Manchester by working together to tackle the climate crisis.
  • We will continue to engage with Julies Bicycle ( and will share all learning with our artists and audiences
  • For our activities, we continue to use Carbon Calculators, such as ones provided by Julie’s Bicycle, which we review on an annual basis to ensure the best tools are being used for the needs of our team. 
  • We will recruit a board member who specialises in sustainability so they can influence the company from a governance level. 
  • We will develop mechanisms for including sustainability in all artistic processes that we commission, support and facilitate. These ‘mechanisms’ will change and evolve depending on the project and its delivery method. 
  • We commit to publishing all learning online and to actively contribute to the wider dialogue on sustainability across the arts sector. 
  • We will work to ensure that the required funding is available to an activity so that any additional costs attached to seeking a sustainable solution does not stand in the way of achieving our aims. 
  • We will ensure that this agenda is developed and measured regularly to make our commitment to sustainability measurable and active.


We commit to doing this work, regularly reviewing our progress and holding ourselves accountable for implementing all the above and the future pledges we make. This statement of intent is informed by FutureEverything’s Anti-Discrimination Agenda, and  Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy which is available upon request.

FutureEverything is committed to taking more dynamic and measurable steps to reduce its carbon footprint and set the lead for sustainability in the arts in the UK. More direct action in response to sustainability is long overdue and this agenda sets out our plans. 

We will engage with the networks in the North, the agenda set nationally via Arts Council England, the Paris Agreement, and IPCC reports. 

As we overhaul our operations in this area we will share all of our learning here online. In addition to this our objectives as a company will be shared by the staff and board as we encourage all involved with FutureEverything to make changes at home as well as at work. 


If you have any questions, or points you think we should add to this agenda please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at