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Exploring Digital Transmissions: Jordan Delegation Visits UK’s Vibrant Art Scene

Exploring Digital Transmissions: Jordan Delegation Visits UK's Vibrant Art Scene

In a celebration of artistic collaboration and cultural exchange, the Digital Transmissions Jordan Delegation embarked on an exciting journey across the United Kingdom. The delegation, composed of talented individuals who had worked together on a remarkable exhibition, was invited to explore galleries and venues in Manchester, Liverpool, and London. The itinerary was carefully crafted to showcase the diverse and dynamic art scenes of these cities. Let’s delve into the highlights of their visit and the captivating venues they experienced along the way.

Monday: Immersive Beginnings in Manchester

The delegation’s first day commenced at See-Saw Space, an innovative co-working art space known for its avant-garde exhibitions and installations, and home to FutureEverything Next, they ventured to the Manchester Museum, where they immersed themselves in the rich history and cultural artefacts on display. This was followed by a visit to  HOME Manchester, a hub for contemporary art, theatre, and film, where the delegation marvelled at the cutting-edge exhibitions, and then onto a drop-in at MiF to learn about their programme for the forthcoming festival. The day concluded with a networking event at Hatch where the artists from Jordan connected with artists from the North West.

Tuesday: Liverpool’s Artistic Tapestry

In Liverpool, the delegation’s exploration began at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), which featured the captivating “Luyang Arcade” exhibition. This interactive installation took them on a journey through a futuristic virtual world. The delegation then headed to Tate Liverpool, a renowned gallery housing an impressive collection of contemporary and modern art. They also visited The Bluecoat, a creative hub that seamlessly blends art, music, and performance. The day culminated at Open Eye Gallery, where they witnessed the EuroFest exhibition, showcasing the diverse visual storytelling techniques of European photographers.

Wednesday: Creativity Unleashed in Manchester

Continuing their adventure in Manchester, the delegates explored the vibrant exhibitions at the School of Digital Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, an institution renowned for its cutting-edge digital arts programs. This was followed  by the Whitworth Art Gallery, where they were greeted with  thought-provoking contemporary exhibitions and the institutions incredible textiles collection. The day concluded on a musical note at Band on the Wall, where they enjoyed a captivating performance by Snazzback and Manchester band Deafhaus. 

Thursday: London’s Artistic Extravaganza

The final leg of the delegation’s journey took them to London, where they were greeted by the captivating exhibition “Ai Weiwei: Making Sense” at the Design Museum. This immersive and politically charged exhibition left a lasting impression on the delegation. They then explored the diverse cultural offerings of Somerset House, a historic venue that hosts a wide array of exhibitions, installations, and performances.


The Digital Transmissions Jordan Delegation’s visit to the UK was a resounding success, providing them with a captivating exploration of the vibrant art scenes across Manchester, Liverpool, and London. From avant-garde installations to thought-provoking exhibitions, they witnessed the power of digital art to transcend boundaries and inspire creativity. The delegation’s visit not only fostered cultural exchange but also deepened their appreciation for the diverse forms of artistic expression. Such collaborations and cross-cultural interactions are crucial in shaping the global art landscape and promoting the exchange of ideas, and is fundamental to FutureEverything’s portfolio The visit will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Digital Transmissions team, serving as a catalyst for future artistic endeavours and inspiring new connections within the international art community.

[Digital] Transmissions began in 2022 as an artistic development programme, funded by the British Council in Jordan in collaboration with the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts and FutureEverything, for artists and creative practitioners based in Jordan offering them opportunities to take part in a series of online workshops, in person sessions and events led by established digital artists, learn digital skills, network with peers, collaborate, and create new work.