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AI: Who’s Looking After Me?

Who holds the power, who distributes the benefits, and who bears the burden of existing AI systems?

AI: Who’s Looking After Me?’ is our 2023 season. This free exhibition and public events programme, running from 21 June 2023 – 20 January 2024, takes a questioning, surprising, playful look at the ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already shaping so many areas of our lives, and asking if we can really rely on these technologies for our wellbeing and happiness. Presented in collaboration with Science Gallery, we explore who holds the power, distributes the benefits, and bears the burden of existing AI systems.

Curated by FutureEverything in collaboration with Science Gallery London

Most of us know very little about what AI is or how it works, but so much of how we’re cared for in different aspects of our lives – be it love, justice or health – is undergoing transformative change. ‘AI: Who’s Looking After Me?’ fractures this singular, monolithic ‘AI’ apart, and looks at the range of ways it’s changing how we’re cared for.

“So many of our conversations about AI treat it as this distant, sleek, even magical thing; our attentions are daily directed towards the latest product or scandal. In all this hype and marketing, I think we’re losing sight of the human — both in how AI technologies are made, and the many ways they’re already woven into our lives. To be able to grasp and shape the course of AI’s journey, we need to grapple with its messy, multiple realities and I hope this exhibition can be an invitation to do that. It’s characteristic of what we’re trying to do as a gallery, to nurture unlikely, inventive collaborations and dialogues and be a home for the cultural work that emerges from them.” – Siddharth Khajuria, Director of Science Gallery London

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To learn even more about AI: Who Is Looking After Me, you can visit Science Gallery London’s website