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Each year FutureEverything proposes, develops and responds to particular themes and ideas. These themes are provocations, designed to open up a space for debate and practice, made tangible through art and design projects, and a 'festival as laboratory'. FutureEverything publications seeks to contribute to an international dialogue around these themes and ideas.


Smart Citizens Publication

This publication aims to shift the debate on the future of cities towards the central place of citizens, and towards decentralised, open urban infrastructures.

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Tools for unknown Futures

Digital Public Spaces

This publication explores the central vision of the Digital Public Space is to give everyone everywhere unrestricted access to an open resource of culture and knowledge.

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Future Everybody


FutureEverybody offers reflections on the 2012 conference theme, the art and design projects in the festival, and the issues and initiatives presented.

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The FutureEverything Manual

FutureEverything runs year round digital innovation labs, engaging a worldwide community in generating social connectivity and practical solutions to innovation problems.

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