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You and AI: ON ART & AI

Tue 29th - Wed 30th June 2021, 3:00pm (GMT)

On Art & AI is a two-day conference exploring how artists engage critically, conceptually and artistically with discourses around artificial intelligence (AI), creativity, intelligence, labour and ethics.

Part of You and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens Festival, Athens, from June 24th – July 25th.

Taking place in the context of YOU and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens festival programme, the conference, curated by FutureEverything Creative Director Irini Papadimitriou, unfolds through two strands; Creating with AI, and Reflecting on AI.

The first strand, on day 1 of the conference, is exploring AI and creativity, as well as artistic applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and other emerging technologies. Artists have used and experimented with computers and computational processes since the 1950s, and in recent years we have seen technology taking an ever prominent role within the arts. Participating speakers, artists, theorists and curators in the sessions are sharing how they are engaging creatively and critically with these systems of knowledge, what new narratives they are constructing and what creative challenges they might be encountering. 

Reflecting on AI, which is the subject on day 2 of the conference, includes conversations and talks that focus on the socio-political and cultural implications of AI. From the politics of machine learning training sets to algorithmic systems, power and powerlessness, participating speakers are invited to share how artists engage with and respond to these ideas and current issues. How creative practices and approaches could challenge inequalities, machine bias and algorithmic injustice, while exploring ideas of collaboration, collective knowledge and collective intelligence.


DAY 1 - Tuesday 29 June

Creating with AI

15:00 (GMT) Session introduction  

15.10 Part 1: Art, data and storytelling 

Provocations by artists Anna Ridler, Suzanne Kite, Morehshin Allahyari followed by conversation and audience Q&A. Chaired by Irini Mirena Papadimitriou, curator, YOU and AI: Through the Algorithmic Lens 

16.00 Break

16.20 Part 2: On AI and representation: automated creativity and AI as art

Talks by artists Stephanie Dinkins and Tamiko Thiel followed by conversation and audience Q&A. Chaired by Melanie Lenz, curator, Digital Art, Word and Image, V&A

17.10 Part 3: Friendly Advice 

Artist Jonas Lund, in conversation with Sarah Allen, Director of MozFest, about his project Friendly Advice, the role of art in investigating the use of AI in our lives, and how that can be a pathway to invite more people into the conversation.

Friendly Advice invited participants to book an hour with Jonas and use it as they would like. The sessions were watched by a range of performance measuring algorithms that analysed and tracked Jonas’ behaviour in real-time. The discussion unpacks what emerged from this performative artwork and how the algorithm responded to the themes and conversations that came up during these sessions. 

17.40 Day 1 ends

“On Art & AI” Conference, Day 1

DAY 2 - Wednesday 30 June

Reflecting on AI

15.00 (GMT) Session introduction 

15.10 Part 1: Questioning power structures and injustice through art and AI 

Provocations by artists and scholars Hiba Ali, Lauren F.Klein, Mushon Zer-Aviv followed by conversation and audience Q&A. Chaired by Erinma Ochu, curator and Senior Lecturer, Digital Media & Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University

16.00 Break

16.20 Part 2: Through the AI lens

Talks by artists Joana Moll and Memo Akten followed by conversation and audience Q&A. Chaired by Prodromos Tsiavos, Head of Digital Development, Onassis Stegi

17.30 Weaponizing Creativity by Stop LAPD Spying Coalition with Bill Balaskas – A discussion with creatives on how they see the value of the arts in liberation movements, and specifically abolition. We’ll learn about their processes, challenges and what’s ahead for artists joining the fight for the future.

19:00 Day 2 ends

“On Art & AI” Conference, Day 2

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