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this place [of mine] – touring

this place [of mine] - reimagining our high streets through digital art and creativity

The role and function of town centres is shifting. We’re seeing the need for moving away from retail-focussed activities towards the rediscovery of socialising, learning and the creation or reinvention of public spaces to promote people’s wellbeing and enable communities to thrive. 

But while we are witnessing new approaches and experiments in the redesign and recreation of our towns and public spaces, how and when can we consider the role of the people who may not feel represented in town planning?  

Bringing people together to reimagine our high streets and public spaces through digital art and creativity, this place [of mine] is an exciting and unique digital placemaking learning activity that gives voice and agency to those in society who may not normally be heard, culminating in the production of virtual and in-person experiences made by the community.

this place [of mine] promotes inclusiveness, togetherness, and deeper learning and understanding of the environments we inhabit, providing a valuable experience for our participants and an opportunity for artistic growth, learning and creativity.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham said:

We know our high-streets still face an uncertain time as a result of the pandemic so it’s important that we use creative and innovative methods to look at what their future looks like and explore what people want from them. this place [of mine] will help to do just this, allowing people to explore and contribute to a vision for the future of our high streets and I look forward to seeing how it develops and grows…

What is this place [of mine]?

Over a series of creative workshops and live briefs led by FutureEverything, this place [of mine] participants explore themes of place, heritage and the future, answering important questions; ‘what would you like your neighbourhood or town centre to look like? What’s missing? What would make where you live more reflective of your needs?’

Using digital tools, creative storytelling and collaborative methodologies the project provides participants with the skills to build their own new digital and physical artworks that reflect their ideas and hopes for the future of their high street. Working alongside established artists and digital designers, they will have the opportunity to co-design virtual and immersive environments that reflect the world they live in, expressing their visions and voicing their ideas and aspirations about the future of their local areas and places.


With a focus on empowering people and amplifying their voice, this place [of mine] started life in October 2020 first commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) as part of the Great Place Scheme, and re-commissioned in 2022 by The Grimsby Culture House as part of Our Future Starts Here. 

this place [of mine] offers a welcome gateway for people to join the conversation about place with  participants embracing opportunities to collaborate with professional artists, and develop digital skills, to articulate their visions through the lens of collective ownership, urban green space, climate activism, and architectural design. By connecting with peers from their region, they increase their awareness of other localities, fostering a wider identity as a local citizen.

this place [of mine] also offers a creative, empowering, and bespoke alternative for town planning and regeneration consultation. Working collaboratively with regeneration departments in local authorities or urban planning agencies, this place [of mine] can be strategically applied to develop authentic and meaningful engagement with communities alongside delivering original and resonant creative digital output for public consumption.

Making a Difference

this place [of mine] can make a significant difference in your planning and delivery by: 

  • amplifying young voices
  • putting local young people’s views and visions at the centre of the project
  • empowering young people and communities to help make decisions about their towns and high streets
  • enabling people, artists and communities to come together to reimagine their high streets through digital art and creativity
  • creating opportunities for participants to develop digital skills and collaborate with national and international artists
  • engaging local residents to engage in online and in-person activities to support high street initiatives
  • building a legacy project within local communities
  • supporting local council town centre initiatives

Praise for this place [of mine]

The inagural this place [of mine], commissioned by GMCA as part of the Great Place Scheme, won four prestigious CSS Design Awards for the immersive online hub – a virtual playground of digital artworks and ideas for the future high street!

The website was created in collaboration with Studio Treble, who designed and built the 3D world, and developed through online creative workshops with our ten Young Producers from Greater Manchester. The online experience features artworks and ideas from the Young Producers, as well as five new digital artworks by local artists. 

this place [of mine] won Website of the Day, as voted for by industry experts, and also took a clean sweep in the public vote categories for: Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation. Wow!

You can find out more about our this place [of mine] project in Greater Manchester here, and this place [of mine]: Grimsby here

To get started with this place [of mine] in your own town or local authority, please contact us for more details at

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