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this place [of mine]

Bringing people together to reimagine our high streets through digital art and creativity, this place [of mine] is an ambitious programme of digital art commissions, an interactive virtual experience and a Young Producer programme for Greater Manchester

The role and function of town centres is once again shifting. While in recent months communities have pulled together to support their local economy against the backdrop of the pandemic, high streets were already the focus of renewed investment through Future High Street funding and Heritage Action Zones

We’re now seeing a move away from retail-focussed activities, towards the rediscovery of placemaking, socialising and learning. Exciting new approaches and experiments are taking place, but how and when can we consider the role of young people? And how can we involve them in key decision making around the future of their town centres?



About this place [of mine]

this place [of mine] is an exciting project for Greater Manchester, bringing together people from across the region and beyond to co-imagine the future of our high streets and town centres through digital art, culture and creativity.

With a focus on empowering young people and amplifying their voice, this place [of mine] started life in October 2020 (following a six month R&D period) as a Young Producers scheme made up of 10 young creatives from Beswick, Stalybridge, Oldham, Leigh and Rochdale. Through online collaboration and creative discussion, this place [of mine] gave our Young Producers a safe place to come together to express their thoughts and ideas, influence change and learn new digital skills. Over a series of online creative workshops and live briefs led by FutureEverything’s Creative Associates Michelle Collier and Vicky Clarke, the Young Producers explored place, heritage and the future, using digital tools, creative storytelling and collaborative methodologies to create new digital artworks and co-designing the immersive online world of this place [of mine].

Artist Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of this place [of mine] and FutureEverything have been thrilled to have been able to team up with a group of incredible artists and creatives who each brought their talents and knowledge to the table.

The Online Hub

February 2021 brought the launch of this place [of mine] an interactive online world and virtual gallery that tells the story of the journey undertaken by these inspiring Young Producers giving audiences a unique insight into their perspective and relationship to Place.

Developed by digital designers Studio Treble in collaboration with FutureEverything and the Young Producers, the hub is a virtual playground of art and ideas, where participants can unlock digital artworks, and unearth local stories, collecting fragments and answering multiple choice questions about their own future visions. This place [of mine] is a space for young audiences to explore and experience the artwork and ideas of the Young Producers and contribute to a collective youth vision for the future of our high streets.

In November we celebrate the project through the launch of our documentary film, inspired by the incredible journey our Young Producers have been on over the last 18 months.

Creative Collaborators

Tine Bech

Tine Bech Studio have been part of the project’s R&D phase, developing prototypes of immersive digital apps to encourage communities to share their views of Place and the Future High Streets.

Studio Treble

Manchester-based Studio Treble have been the development team overseeing the creation of this place [of mine] immersive online environment. They worked closely with FutureEverything and the Young Producers to imagine and build an interactive virtual space for the digital artworks to live.

Citizen Futurists

The Citizen Futurists are a group of five local artists who have each created a new online commission for this place [of mine] and have supported and inspired our Young Producers to think about the future of our high streets and their own creative visions

Young Producers

The Young Producers formed a collective of creatives from the Greater Manchester area. In collaboration with the artistic team, their ideas and creative content have shaped the online hub.

Image for this place [of mine] logo for our future high streets

Design Lead

Jada Giwa is a young graphic designer and artist fresh out of Manchester School of Art. We commissioned Jada to create the branding for this place [of mine] giving the whole programme an exciting look and feel.

Chris Wright, this place [of mine] Producer

This place [of mine] feels very much like a project for our time. Working with multiple partners across Greater Manchester we feel that it is incredibly important to give a voice to young people, to have a creative, social, and political say on the future of their high street. The pandemic has had an unprecedented impact across all aspects of life and our relationship to public space has radically shifted. We hope to embrace the opportunities that virtual engagement can offer.”

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Downloadable Material

this place [of mine] is a young producer programme, online hub and artwork commissioned by Greater Manchester Arts with support from Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) as part of the GM Great Place Scheme.

Produced by FutureEverything and delivered in partnership with Manchester City Council, One Manchester, Oldham MBC, Link4Life, Tameside MBC, Wigan MBC, and The Turnpike Gallery

Its content has been co-created with FutureEverything, young people from Greater Manchester, Citizen Futurists David McFarlane, Jacob Bolton, Joe Whitmore, James Medd & Izzy Bolt, Tine Bech Studio and Studio Treble

With extended thanks and gratitude for the support from the Manchester Tech Fund.