The Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme is a groundbreaking linked open data programme to allow the free flow of data between public sector organisations across Greater Manchester, and to create a public facing mechanism for the release of open data. GMDSP will:

  • Enable skills transfer into the public sector with toolkits, resources and mentoring for project participants
  • Create capacity through placement of data experts (Code Fellows) into local authorities
  • Build peer support structures
  • Provide a linked data store allowing Greater Manchester’s open data to be linked and queried
  • Engage the digital community and SMEs to encourage the creation of new digital services and insights

GMDSP is currently working with Manchester City Council, Salford City Council, Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council, Stockport Council and Tameside Council to create resources and toolkits based on open datasets. In addition to developing horizontal peer support structures and placing Code Fellows across local authorities, a joint datastore for the hosting of linked data has been created, and a series of coding and data events will take place throughout the project.

GMDSP is now releasing open data for all central and south Manchester boroughs in the county, collectively housing a population of nearly 1.5 million of the region’s 2.7 million citizens. The programme is open to involvement of additional public organisations across Greater Manchester.

Awards & Recognitions
Local E-Government Standards Body Award (LeGSB) (November 2014)


GMDSP relies on the involvement of Greater Manchester’s public sector and is grateful for the enthusiasm and ongoing cooperation of:

Participation in the project is helping organisations enable national government open data policy on a regional level, by releasing data concerning transparency and expenditure, performance, infrastructure and assets, and local public facilities.

Innovation Partnership
The project is a run collaboratively, and developed in partnership between 3 internationally recognised, UK based innovation agencies:

FutureEverything is an award-winning innovation agency with track record in city data services, design for science, SME acceleration and innovation projects. FutureEverything supports innovation by bringing together businesses, city officials, scientists, citizens and designers.

Connected Digital Economy Catapult
The Connected Digital Economy Catapult builds platforms for UK SMEs to innovate on at speed and with less risk, so new digital products and services can be accelerated to market. The catapult’s vision is to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas from concept to commercialisation.

Future Cities Catapult
The Future Cities Catapult is a global centre of excellence on urban innovation. A place where cities, businesses and universities come together to develop solutions to the future needs of our cities. In particular, we’re focused squarely on the challenge of urban integration.